Curry oil focaccia, kolanji oil, curry leaf oil, heritage tomato tea (vg)


Soup of the day £7.50

Roasted king oyster mushroom, tomato & fennel marmalade, broad bean vinegar (vg) £11.00

Sauteed cucumber, seaweed butter, mung bean baba ganoush, pumpkin seeds £10.50


Mote makhani, sweet potato saag, curried goat’s cheese £19.00

Confit fennel, tarragon champ, citrus salsa (vg) £17.00

Sun-dried tomato risotto (vg) £17.00

Gnocchi, courgettes, parsley sauce, cured egg yolk £19.00


Fries (vg) £4.75

New potatoes, chipotle butter £4.75

Jerusalem artichoke saag (vg) £5.00

Green cabbage, toasted seeds (vg)* £4.75